Remote Deposit Capture

You’ve got things to do. Running to the bank shouldn’t be one of them. With Columbia Bank’s Remote Deposit Capture, you can make your deposit electronically right from the convenience of your office.

How it works: Using a small desktop scanner, you can capture front and back images of your checks. Next, the deposit and check images are transmitted electronically to your Columbia Bank account.

With Remote Deposit Capture:

  • Save time and money – Remote Deposit saves a trip to the bank. 
  • Improve cash flow – The entire deposit process is streamlined, making it more efficient and potentially giving you faster access to your funds.
  • Safe handling of checks
  • Reduce transportation expenses as most deposits can be made without ever leaving the office.

If you would like to find out more about Columbia Bank’s Remote Deposit Capture service, please call (386) 752-5646 and ask for a Personal Banker.